Bandung, Nov 10-12, 2017


Millennial Today

66 million young people in Indonesia is an unprecedented proportion of youth to harness demographic dividend and accelerate economic progress. This demographic bonus has been predicted to last and extended five years, from 2035 to 2040. There can be mutual benefits of involving to young people in the design and care of professional space.

Sharing & Networking

Concern about the future of Indonesia should be a challenge for millennial today to grant and share creative ideas for millennial today. This shows that how millennial can begin to involve themselves in the professional ethics creatively, effectively, and meaningfully. Millennial Leadership Camp or MLC offers an alternative path to expand the network and showing off youth potential to become a leader in the professional world. MLC is designed by Maxima Indonesia to assist an opportunity to meet with gateway experts and other young professionals. We will be hosting a 3-days event filled with sharing, networking, and pitching the idea. This unique chance is a starting point for an exciting career for highly qualified and motivated individuals skilled in areas relevant.
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Senior Leader Sharing

Millennial Leadership Camp will invite people who already work in their experts in the field. The Experts will share their experiences to be a leader and give knowledge to the participants about their expertise.

Expert Sharing

Participants will have a chance to interact with young figures who are succeed in making business at a young age. Those young figures can improve participants’ knowledge about workplace and also motivate the participants to be a leader in the field they want to be.

Ideas Party

Participant will have a chance to know better about workplace they have interest. MLC will invite figures from companies, NGOs, and communities from Indonesia to share their knowledge to the participants. Therefore, the participants also can explore better about their field of interest.

Talent Scouting

The participants have a chance to introduce himself creatively to the companies which they have interest. This should also provide them with a chance to build their career in those companies.


Arifin Panigoro

  • Indonesian Businessman, Founder and Owner Medco Group

Betti Alisjahbana

  • Indonesian Business Executive, Management Trainer at the IBM

Erna Walinono

  • Former Minister of Human Settlements and Regional Development
  • Board Member of Indonesia Biodiversity Foundation

Nicodemus P Lampe

  • Board of Director PT Garuda Indonesia, Reform Era

Martiono Hadianto

  • Chairman of the foundation of PPM Management

Dwina Wijaya

  • President Director at PT Bahana TCW

Kuntoro Mangkusubroto

  • Former Minister of Mines and Energy of Indonesia of Development

Chairul Tanjung

  • CT Corp. Chairman

Andreas Senjaya

  • Social Entrepreneur
  • CEO iGrow & Co-Founder Badr Interactive     

Vikra Ijas

  • CMO & Co-Founder

Alamanda Shantika

  • Founder & CEO Binar Academy

Lia Toriana

  • Deputi Sekjen Bidang Program Transparency International Indonesia


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